Scout Law - Helpful

Scout Law - Helpful

The Japanese Scout Law

  • A Scout is faithful.
  • A Scout is friendly.
  • A Scout is courteous.
  • A Scout is kind.
  • A Scout is cheerful.
  • A Scout is thrifty.
  • A Scout is courageous.
  • A Scout is thankful.

The Japanese Scout law contains two unique words, 'faithful' and 'thankful'.

Faithful is similar to the many countries' 'Trustworthy'. The word faithful is focuses on the fact that a scout will do what he says he will. Not only can you trust him because he has earned your trust over time, but you should be able to have faith that just because he is a scout he will do what he says. There are not many things in this life that you can have faith in, and if you have faith that any given scout will do as he says he will, then you would probably also say that this faithfulness of scouts must be a reflection of God's faithfulness.

Thankful is also unique among the Scout Laws covered on this website. One could argue the thankful is part of courteous, but true thankfulness is more that saying thank you when someone does something for you. In order for a Scout to be thankful he must come to an understand that he is being give wonderful opportunities, that those around them, whether adult leaders, boy leaders or fellow patrol members, are giving of themselves to make his life better. A truly thankful scout will be friendly, kind and cheerful.