Scout Law - Helpful

Scout Law - Helpful

The Irish Scout Law

  • A Scout is loyal
  • A Scout is trustworthy
  • A Scout is helpful
  • A Scout is friendly
  • A Scout is courteous
  • A Scout is kind
  • A Scout is obedient
  • A Scout is cheerful
  • A Scout is thrifty
  • A Scout is brave
  • A Scout is pure in thought, word and deed
  • A Scout does all for the glory of God

The Irish Scout Law clarifies the common word 'clean' as 'pure in thought, word and deed'. Many Scout Books and Scout Masters spend a lot of time explaining to scouts that 'clean' does not just mean that you take a bath once a week when at camp. Pure is a couple steps up from clean, it is more like sterile. To be pure in thought, word and deed is a high ideal indeed.

The Irish Scout Law also clarifies the US's 'reverence' and Hungary's 'duties to God' as "A Scout does all for the glory of God." While the original Scout Law says "When in difficulty to know which of two things to do, he must ask himself, 'Which is my duty?' that is, 'Which is best for other people?', the Irish Scout Law says a scout must ask, 'Which will bring glory to God.'

A life lived pure and to the glory of God is a life lived will.