Contest - Scout Law

Contest - Scout Law

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Scout's Name: Nigel Clarke
Scout's Age: 15
Troop: 765
District:Pacific Coast
Council:Sab Diego Imperial
Council Number: 49 State:CA
Scout Master's Name:Scoutmaster S
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I was clean at summer camp when I signed up for the swimming and life saving merit badges. I didn't realize that you would be required to take a shower before and after each merit badge class. On Monday morning, before breakfast, we all went down to the lake to take our swim tests. We filed through the showers and stood in the cold morning air. When it was my turn, I jumped into the lake and did my two laps. After standing on the dock waiting for the rest of my troop, we headed off to the showers again. After breakfast I headed back to the lake for my first merit badge class.

Once again I took a shower and waited for the class to start. After an hour of swimming I got out and took another shower. Fifteen minutes later I was once again standing in the shower as my second merit badge class started. I suppose I wouldn?t have minded if the shower had hot water. Another hour of swimming and learning how to rescue people and I took my sixth shower of the day. I have to admit that the sixth shower was nice because the temperature had reached 95 degrees and I had a couple of leaches to wash off.

The rest of the week pretty much followed this same routine of four showers between breakfast and lunch. Of course my troop also did water based activities in the afternoon, like canoeing and rowing, which required their own pair of showers. I thought about skipping the showers before my second merit badge class; who would know since my hair was still wet from my previous shower. But I followed the rules and took all of my showers.

In the end, I estimate that I took 28 showers that week of camp, not only was I clean, I won the award for "The Cleanest Scout."