Contest - Scout Law

Contest - Scout Law

Story Contest - Stories Around the Cook Fire

Amazing things happen when scouts get together and cook. Whether the goal is to quell the hunger at the end of a twenty-mile hike, win a cooking contest, learn to cook your first meal, figure out how to improvise a meal when some of the original meal's ingredients have been forgotten, or simply enjoying spending time with friends creating a great meal, cooking is hardly ever boring.

Tell a story about one of your cooking experiences. The story can be happy or sad or terrifying, however, it must be a story and be based on a true experience.

What is a story

It has a beginning:

  • It has a main character who wants something.
  • There is something that is preventing the main character from getting what they want.

It has a middle:

  • It should show the main character changing or struggling to stay true to themselves.

It has an end:

  • The character either succeeded or fails.
  • We see the results of that success or failure.


To enter this contest a Scout, in good standing with a pack, troop or crew, will submit a story of between 500 and 750 words centered around a scouting cooking experience. The story must be based on a true experience and written by the Scout, however, he may seek editing help from another scout or an adult. Use only first names in the story. You may refer to adults by their title or relationship (the scoutmaster or Max's dad). Since a Scout is trustworthy, the judges will trust that all entries meet these requirements.

To submit an entry, send an email to Please format the email as follows:

Title of the email
a cooking story

Body of the email
Scout's Name:
Scout's Age:
Council Number:
Scout Master's Name:
Scout Master's E-Mail:

your essay

All entries become the property of and may appear on the web site and/or printed material. Only the first names of scouts will be published.


There are two ways that winners will be selected.

One set of entries will be selected from each sponsoring council, district and troop.

One set of entries will be selected from all other eligible entries.

Each set of entries will consist of a $500.00 first place award, and five $50.00 runner up awards.

Judging will be performed by the Nigel C Clarke Endowment and all decisions are final. Winners will be posted on the web site. Awards and certificates will be delivered to the wining Scout's Scoutmaster so they may be presented during a meeting or court of honor.