The Author

I created this site because of some of my core beliefs and a need to share them with others. As a child I was not blessed with the opportunity of being in the Boy Scouts. My first interaction with the Boy Scouts was during my college years when I was asked to be an Assistant Scout Master for my church's sponsored Troop.

My time in that troop primed me for the later point in my life when I had a first grader. My son joined the Cub Scouts and after we moved and we needed to start a new pack, I became a Cub Master. My son bridged to Boy Scouts and I followed as an Assistant Scout Master.

During my time as an Assistant Scout Master, and than as a Scout Master, I have had the opportunity to listen to boys tell me what they understand the Scout Law means to then and the opportunity to think about what the laws mean to me so I can share my insights with the scouts.

I have moved in my understanding of the Scout Law as a set of rules that a scout must follow, to a set of descriptors of the person that a scout is becoming.

In 2007 my Star Scout died in a bicycle accident and as part of his memorial service, which was performed as a court of honor, I took the part of my son and shared with everyone how my son had lived the Scout Law.

These are some of the things that have shaped my life, but they are not who I am. Who am I then? I am a man of passion. I believe that in order to accomplish anything of importance in this life one has to find those thing that drive one's passion. It is easy to do things when life is going well. But to carry things out when times are rough, or for long periods, one needs more than a desire or commitment -- one needs passion.

What is my passion then? I believe that boys are in desperate need of positive role models and direction in their lives. Our "me first," "get all the toys you can," and "get by doing as little as you can" culture needs to be countered.

I am trying to give boys a passion for living lives of caring for others. Today the best way I know to do this is to share my passion for the twelve points of the Scout Law and the results of living them.

I was able to watch my own son grow from a self-centered child to a caring young man whom everyone said was a friend to everyone. I desire to see every boy make that transformation.