Who is this web site for?

In its simplest form the answer is, "This it for Scouts."

At a deeper level this site is for several different kinds of Scouts.

  • This site is for boys and girls who are new to scouts who are trying to understand what the Scout Law is. This site will supplement the examples in their Scout Handbook, with examples written by fellow scouts.
  • This site is for scouts who have stalled in their growth in the Scout Law. It provides examples of what living the Scout Law really means and challenges that they can take that will stretch their understanding of, and their ability to follow the Scout Law.
  • This site is for scouts who have lived the Scout Law and are ready to share what they have learned with others.
  • This site is for adult scouters who are looking for new ways to challenge and encourage their scouts. It provides examples, Scoutmaster's minutes, challenges and the combined wisdom of those who contribute.
  • This site is for all scouts who have dropped into a habit of saying the Scout Law without really listening to the words that they are saying.

This is for all scouts. For those with passion for living a values based live, and for those who need to find that passion for the first time or find it again.