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Stories Around the Cook Fire

Amazing things happen when scouts get together and cook. Whether the goal is to quell the hunger at the end of a twenty-mile hike, win a cooking contest, learn to cook your first meal, figure out how to improvise a meal when some of the original meal's ingredients have been forgotten, or simply enjoying spending time with friends creating a great meal, cooking is hardly ever boring.

The A Scout Is contest is where you can tell a story about one of your cooking experiences. The story can be happy or sad or terrifying, however, it must be a story and be based on a true experience.

What is a story?

It has a beginning:

  • It has a main character who wants something.
  • There is something that is preventing the main character from getting what they want.

It has a middle:

  • It should show the main character changing or struggling to stay true to themselves.

It has an end:

  • The character either succeeded or fails.
  • We see the results of that success or failure.

Website Introduction

The twelve points of the Scout Law are not rules that a scout must follow, but rather they are a set of adjectives that describe who a Scout is or is becoming.

This web site is dedicated to the ideals of who Scouts are and the stories of how being a scout has changed lives. It is a resource for Scout Masters and an encouragement for Scouts.

What's the idea:

Create a web site that will encourage scouts to look at the values that they are choosing to base their lives on. Do this be by sharing other's stories and by having an essay contest that will get the boys to write down how they have lived the law.

This site will be dynamic, changing over time as people submit content and as others share their vision. Being dynamic means that it will change over time. This will cause people to come back to see how it has changed and also allow it to change to meet the needs of the people who used it.

The site is focused not on writing an essay, but about the values that scouts are basing the actions of their lives on.

What is important about this:

Scouts today are influenced in so many different ways; the media, games, and peers. They need to be reminded that it matters what they do and that what they do is based on their values.

Seeing that they are not alone in living value based lives and that doing so is not easy can give scouts encouragement. It can also show them ways to look at things they had not in the past. Since scouts are affected by peer pressure, it gives them another group of peers.

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